19 March 2023: Due to PiG’s busy workload, he will not be taking new students indefinitely.

If you’d like some free learning resources, please check out the following:

Bronze to GM series for each race
Protoss B2GM:
Zerg B2GM:
Terran B2GM:

Dedicated Coaching Youtube Channel for previous coaching vods, newbie streams, bg2m and more

I am creating a new 2023 Bronze to GM series live every Wednesday Sydney time (Tuesday evening in NA/EU) where I teach different topics each week

My discord community is very friendly and helpful for anyone playing Starcraft. You can post a replay and ask for specific help there

The starcraft subreddits are a good place to ask gameplay questions


StarCraft 2 Coaching Experience

Get StarCraft 2 coaching from PiG SC2
who was formerly a Pro Zerg player and today is
Grand Master in all three races (Zerg, Protoss, Terran).

I have coaching experience all the way from 2010 and
have coached hundreds of students in this time.

Coaching Rates

Email for more info.
My rate is currently $100USD/Hour (as of June 2022).
Purchase 4 hours upfront and get 1 free!

Note: coaching can be gifted to your friends!

What does a Coaching Session look like?

If you would like to see what a coaching session entails,
watch my LIVE COACHING VIDEOS below.