Submit Your Replays!

Have a replay you want to submit? I have many different shows, so check them out below and see where your replay fits!

The Salt Mines

Everyone has encountered a salty or BM opponent on the StarCraft ladder before. UPLOAD YOUR REPLAY TO then send the link to along with “Salt Mines” in the title + in the body of the email add your IGN & Rank & Why you think your opponent got salty.

Smooth Brain Auditions

Are you the next SMOOTH BRAIN? Send your replay to to audition. Add to the email title: Smooth brain auditions. Add to the body of email: In game name + League + Tier + Server + WHY you think you’re the next Smooth Brain player (e.g. Twinkle, Plat 3, KR, My strats require both 200 and -35 IQ)

Smurf Detective

So you think you have faced a Smurf. Send in your replay to with “Smurf Detective” in the title + in the body of the email add your ign, league, tier and server (e.g. Serral Plat 1 NA) and PiG will investigate and make a ruling. Send in screenshots of match history and ladder career if you have it!

Guess the MMR

PiG will attempt to guess your exact MMR! Send your replay to with “Guess the MMR” in the title + in the body add your IGN & MMR & region (e.g. Maru, 3600, EU)