Learn SC2


How do I get into playing StarCraft 2?
My Welcome to StarCraft youtube series goes through the most commonly asked questions for beginners, including how to choose which race to play, beginner openings for each race, scouting, micro etc.

I created hundreds of PiG Dailies that cover all topics within SC2. Check out the ones specifically for Zerg, Protoss and Terran.

Where can I find StarCraft 2 builds?
I have personally written up AND made videos for heaps of build guides! You can check them out at the Spawning Tool website HERE and at my SC2 Guides Youtube Playlist.

Another great resource is the Spawning Tool Build Adviser on Team Liquid.

What is your hotkey setup?
I use the latest, experimental version of The Core Hotkeys. It’s not released for public use, but it’s quite similar to the regular Core setup. Read more about this HERE. You can read up on how I learnt it HERE.

What are your mouse settings?

  • 1920×1080 pixels.
  • 800 DPI
  • 6/11 in Windows, Pointer precision disabled
  • Sensitivity disabled in SC2

I wrote a blog about how to set up at a LAN, with my mouse/keyboard settings HERE.

Do you use the ALT hotkey stealing?
I’ve actually over-ridden my regular create and add hotkeys with the STEAL hotkeys. The only downside is my units can’t exist on multiple hotkeys, but I’m fine with that. More info on control group stealing in this video.

How do you do larva injects?
Camera Location Hotkeys with manual queen boxing, manual injections.

What does ICYFAR stand for?
I Cast Your Freakin Awesome Replays. I have been doing this series of funny StarCraft 2 casts since 2016 and have accumulated hundreds of episodes! If you want to watch some non-serious, hilarious StarCraft games check out the playlist HERE

Why is Florencio called a sewer mermaid?
“Sewer mermaid” is something I coined for him as his play belongs in the dirtiest, dankest, darkest of sewers!

I want to ask PiG a question, how do I do that?
Drop by my Twitch channel when I’m live! I am always answering people’s questions on StarCraft and many other random topics.