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Battle Royale Terra (by Krazymouse and Alzarath)

A Starcraft-themed Battle Royale where you drop into a massive planet with a hero. It’s like fortnite, except instead of opening chests to find guns, you find Starcraft units instead

Uberena Beyond (by PatchesSC)


Beyond is a modern version of Uberena II (from HotS) with improved UI, Polish, new features, new maps & new modes

Map type: 

team micro arena for up to 8 players (& 4 spectators)


you start with resources to train units, when your units die their cost is returned to you. you kill units to gain more resources and you must to kill the enemy CC to win

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Embot and Unit Tester (by RustyShacky)

Hi I’m RustyShacky on Discord and Twitch. I’m a D2 Terran and I’ve been playing Starcraft on and off since the 90’s.

Last year I took over working on Embot and the Unit Tester to add some new features that I felt would help myself and the rest of the community to get better at this game. It all started with me wanting to use the Unit Tester on ladder maps to find the most exploitable tank positions and test walls on the new ladder maps, so I decided to learn the editor and rebuild the Unit Tester as a mod that can be applied to any map. I have a lot more features planned and welcome new ideas from the community, but I only have limited time available, so progress is slow.

Big thank you to the creators of the original Unit Tester, EMBOT, and all of the people who have helped me with rebuilding them and adding new features deserve credit for their work that made these mods possible. The Unit Tester is also available on the arcade with its own dedicated map created by KillerSmile. Also a shoutout to all the playtesters and squad Shang for encouragement and help improving these mods.

Advanced Unit Tester

EMBOT Advanced (Extension Mod Build Order Tester)

Scion Races

Keiron race intro:

Xayid race intro:

Genetron intro:


MMR ladder:




I’m a freelance pixel artist and animator, but sometimes I get a little time to make something just for fun. Hope you guys enjoy.

@Stonecoat on Twitch / @stonecoat_art on Twitter

Ultralisk Timelapse


SC2 player from Quebec. Specializing in custom race logos using acrylic pouring techniques, I have created unique pieces for various streamers within the community

AgentX from Lowko’s clan

I’m a long time fan of StarCraft and SC2 esports. I made some Sc2 fanarts, mostly sc2 pro gamers and casters. They are my inspiration in getting better at the game and it means a lot to me. I hope I can show off my art to my fellow StarCraft fans.


3D printed (by a friend, sadly not a follower of SC2), fully brush painted, none of that airbrush stuff, took me a whole week to finish


I’m a digital illustrator & a fan of StarCraft since day one.

“Pro Bots banner art” for ESChamp’s AI vs AI tournaments; the theme is always giving the SC2 units a cybernetic theme

“Reaver, Ghost, Infestor” something I drew in the wake of the mass Blizzard layoffs of 2018; note how the artwork forms a giant heart shape

“Lurker explainer chart” a parody diagram of how the lurker actually works

“Supply Depot explainer chart” another parody explaining how tunneling units can pass through depot walls

“Graviton Beam” showing off Rotti’s favorite unit in all its glory

“feardragon64 fanart” artwork of Ravi and his beloved DTs



Worker-Only-Pathing Maps (by Omniskepticsc and RandomHyperONE)

Grant Fanfic (by SewerBadger)


“Vorazun wasn’t sure how she should feel. She felt an attraction to this human, Grant. She had long wondered why,and eventually came to the realization that it was his power and confidence. She had been reminded of this when she had seen him and Alarak stare down. She had been able to compare it to the feelings she had thought she had for Alarak. Her mother’s wise leadership had colored her every motive, and now she had but one question to ask: How do I want to lead the Nerazim?

Zagara had only had a passing attraction to the human. Zerg had no need of that sort of reproduction. She had wondered what it would be like to have a consort, but the first one she’d come across, Grant, was already taken, and she knew he was not one for infidelity to his emotions. For that, she respected him, and she respected him more for sticking by her. She side-eyed Vorazun. She knew her uncertainty. She wondered how much mischief she could convince the Nerazim to…..

Grant stood tall, the love of his life hugged to him as sure as she’d been destined to be there. The ring in his pocket felt as heavy as the asteroid he’d had to haul through space to win a battle. He would propose to her, he never knew it would feel so….giant.

It was Zagara who broke the silence. “I see you found a mate. I hope you two happiness in your lives. Vorazun, care to join me in a dance?” Vorazun jumped as if someone had shocked her, and looked at the Zerg Queen, and then down at the Queen’s many, and nice, legs.

“Um, sure.” She turned to Grant. “I see now that Nova is a better fit for you than I, Grant, I am grateful that I could reunite you two. En Taro Tassadar, Nova and Grant, may you live in peace.” Zagara took her by the hand, and led her down the hall.

Nova looked up at Grant, and He at her. Grant’s face, once beset by concern, cleared as he got down on one knee and pulled the ring out of his pocket. Nova accepted before he had a chance to say it, and kissed him.”