PiG Sty Festival 4.0

PiGFest 4.0 will be held from 20-24 September featuring a high level pro StarCraft 2 tournament as well as entertaining carnival show matches on two separate days (18 Sep and 27 Sep).

With the sad news of Blizzard no longer funding StarCraft 2 esports, we decided to host PiGFest 3.0 in March 2023 where an incredible $17,728.31 was raised. We capped that event at $10,000 which means PigFest 4.0 already kicks off with a $7,728.31 prize pool and counting! But we want to keep supporting the Pro scene so check out the raffle prizes, incentives and dono goals below.


To raise funds we will be raffling off prizes, giving incentives plus putting up dono goals.

Donation link: https://streamlabs.com/x5_pig/tip

We will be contacting prize winners via email (if you pay via Paypal your email is automatically linked). If you pay by credit card you must provide an email address or Twitch username to allow us to contact you if you win.

Raffle Prizes

We’re raffling off these prizes off to some lucky winners:

2 x PiGFest 4.0 mousepads signed by top pros

1 x Balance Whine shirt signed and balance whined by top pros


$5 Every $5 dono earns you one raffle ticket
10 Slap PiG with real bacon
20 PiG drinks a shot of jalapeno pickle juice
50 Get 10 plus 1 bonus raffle tickets, plus Dot flicks PiG’s ear
69 Wax PiG’s arm or leg with 1 wax strip
100 Get 20 plus 3 bonus raffle tickets, plus Dot flick’s PiG’s head

Donation Goals

Note: Any unlocked goals that cannot be completed during PiGFest will be done at some point afterwards.

$69 PiG does 1 hr of 1-Base Nydus Swarmhosts
150 Eat 2x !Spicy Korean Mouth-Torture Noodles
250 PiGFest 4.0 now at 8k prize pool!
420 PiG does 1 hr of Florencio Strats
750 Unlock Carnival Day 1: Pros vs Pros (!Carnival1)
1000 PiG does 1 hr of 1 vs 2 Ladder (2v2)
1337 Unlock Carnival Day 2: Pros play against/with Viewers (!Carnival2)
1750 Progamer Tier List
2000 PiGFest 4.0 now at $8.5k prize pool!
2500 !ViewerTournament
3000 PiGFest 4.0 now at $9k prize pool!
3750 !Psycho Serum Hot “Sauce” Challenge (6.4M Scoville!!!)
4269 PiGFest 4.0 now maxed at $10k prize pool!
5500 !NPC Stream
6420 Unlock next PiGFest! Everything above $6420 goes to PiGFest 5.0 + Showmatches