Hire PiG to Cast Your Replays

I rarely get to watch or cast replays submitted from players as I get a lot of them and don’t have a system for vetting and finding the absolute best ones. However, I do have several community-submission series up on Youtube that anyone can submit replays for. Check out the Submit Your Replays page for details on how to submit your replays.

If you would still like to hire me to cast your replays for private use, my rates are $50USD for the first 15 minutes of replay, $30USD per 15 minutes of replay after that. Email pigrandom88@gmail.com to get your replays cast. 

Hire PiG to Do a Personalised Shout Out (Like Cameo)

Some fans have requested special video shout outs for birthdays and special occasions.
My rates for these are $15USD per video, email pigrandom88@gmail.com for more info.